All kinds of things happened. Since I last wrote to you, I consolidated my High Desert Acpuncture Practice, (more…)


Sacred Structure

I gift a lot of time to the practice of allowance. To divine expectation. To softening my liver, letting (more…)

Shadow Dancing

This morning, while sitting at a stop light, I noticed a butterfly crossing a busy intersection. When I see such things, my body has an (more…)

yoga primer

Turning Within

As I write, there are plumbers in my house removing large portions of the lower floor ceiling in order to find the source of a leak. (more…)

tara matthews featured

About Tara Matthews

Offering Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Pranayam and Oneness Prayer Technology support to create a soulful way of life. (more…)


Yes. As in #likeagirl. The Always Superbowl commercial. And yet, so much more. (No? Check it out here.) (more…)



I have found I am not a woman of leisure. My new schedule has given birth to a full weekend of availability for the most part (more…)

The Shift

Wow. It has been an intense Journey of beautiful openings over this past month! How about you? Life isn’t quite the same, is it? (more…)