Purify Your Cardiovascular System and Lymphatic Channels

July 22- August 12th

Let’s get Light. Let’s get energized. Let’s elevate body, mind and spirit!

Are you seeking a deeper connection to the rhythms of your life and body? Would you like to increase healing, circulation, lymphatic health and your capacity for Joy? Are you ready to manifest and learn more about abundance and flow? This Cleanse is for you.

During this 21-day cleanse is offered in the High Summer we can lean fully into the Energy provided by the Earth and move into an experience of less is more. Our energy consumption is supported by the celebration of raw and fresh foods, juices and smoothies as we build and cleanse the blood and cardiovascular system and dance with the Season of Fire. Our yoga offerings will target the opening of the Heart and purifying the body through working with the circulatory system and movement of the lymphatic channels.
We will also be working closely with the energetics of manifestation and abundance in our lives.

*Intelligent Cleansing based in seasonal attunement methods designed to embrace the Summer Season with options for everyone.
*Daily check-in and information calls. (Recorded for your convenience.)
*Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Purification, Abundance Manifestation, and Seasonal Attunement
*A Special Life Manifestation Visioning call
*A Special Starlight Energy Attunement Group Session
*High-vibe plant based supplement recommendations for deep purification and strengthening


$99 by June 30th
$122 thereafter

Bring a Friend and Recieve your Cleanse 1/2 off!

Bring Two Friends and your Cleanse is Free! (We will refund your registration fee~ just let us know who your referred)

With Seasonal Attunement Acupuncture and Yoga with Tara in Ventura County:
3 Acupuncture Sessions (One Clearing, One Summer Attuning, and One Nourishing)
Unlimited in Person Yoga Sessions for the duration of the Cleanse (Classes held M/F)

Marianne Mitchell is a Certified Modern Wisdom Practitioner and KRI-Certified Aquarian Teacher of Kundalini Yoga in addition to a variety of other certifications and trainings.Marianne Mitchell is an IMW Certified Modern Wisdom Practitioner and Modern Day Priestess, a KRI-Certified Aquarian Teacher of Kundalini Yoga and holds a variety of other certifications and trainings. Marianne has been living a yogic lifestyle with an avid cleansing practice since 2008 and contributing facilitation in cleansing since 2012. Currently in private practice in Asheville, NC, Marianne weaves together an immense toolkit of modalities, including intuitive guidance and wholistic consulting to support individuals and groups at the level of mind, body and spirit to hold each one in remembering more fully who they are. Marianne is also an IMW Certified Modern Wisdom Practitioner and Priestess.

Tara-Matthews-Kundalini-Yoga-TeacherTara Matthews, L.Ac has studied Yoga most of her life and is both a Hatha Certified and KRI Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Practitioner, full time Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and IMW Certified Modern Day Practitioner and Priestess. Her lineage is diverse and she finds her bliss in helping others find peace, wholeness, and health. With extensive cleansing and nutritional experience, Tara looks forward to being your guide on this Journey.