The Source Practice: A Modern Sadhana for a New Earth

The Source Practice:  A Modern Sadhana for a New Earth

40 Day Practice – May 18th to June 29th

One of the most profound and anchoring acts we can devote ourselves to is the Daily Practice, the Sadhana. Through this dynamic life inspiring action, we open into deep listening, active inspiration, and graceful communication with Oneness. Through the art of the Sadhana, we experience the Truth inherent within ourselves, the Wisdom ever revealing, and the most creative and wide-reaching journey offered in the physical and perhaps even the nonphysical experience. Once we have anchored into this art form, life becomes the vehicle of inspiration and the Universe is realized in each and every moment. It will blossom you in only the most spirit infused way.

The Source Practice is the next evolution in the Sadhana. It includes the key components of a Daily Practice that will carry you across.

This 6-Week Course is an act of Freedom. It will inspire creativity, demonstrate the illusion of Time/Space (3D), unite the soul and ego into a functional whole, and generate a new perspective of Life Purpose. If you currently have a Sadhana, or Daily Practice, this course is designed to re~inspire and anchor into what is already in existence and create new possibility. If the Practice has called you and you have been seeking inspiration and direction, then this is a most powerful opportunity and endeavor. Through the power of yoga, mantra, meditation, and prayer, we will construct a Daily Practice that is flexible, individual, life informing and spiritually progressive. All of this and within 30-75 minutes a day.

We will become devoted to our daily practices for 6 Weeks (at least!). Meeting by tele-conference weekly, you will also receive a supportive weekly video inviting you to a gentle deepening of your Sadhana that will evolve as we progress and will include yoga/meditation/mantra and other framework to carve out the creative space within you to maintain this blessed expansion! In addition, there will be a member only Facebook site devoted to continued conversation and support throughout the journey.

Week One: Yoga and Opening the Heart: The path of the Devotee
Week Two: Meditation as Creative Listening
Week Three: Mantra: Open Communication
Week Four: Prayer: Activity of God
Week Five: Prayer: Oneness Activated
Week Six: Pranayam: Breath of Life
Closing: Creativity and the Daily Practice

Gently and with Reverence, we will take this Journey together. It is my pleasure and honor to be your facilitator and guide.

Fee: $222

ADP Subscriber Discount: $188