Happy Autumn dear ones. I have been with the turning of the leaves and crisp morning that is fall here in my Valley. When I walk outside, it is still dark, on the verge of a new day and the air is so brisk I almost take it in deeply as an unvoluntary reflex. As if my body is referencing some ancient time when cold air certainly meant movement of some kind is an appropriate response. And in order to move, create and be forthcoming, the breath is the first natural space to engage. It is a timely place to remember that the breath moves in and out. Autumn is about release. But in order to release, we must receive. The tide cannot go in if it is not out. And one cannot continue to move mountains without creating valleys. And the higher the peaks, the deeper the incline.

What does this mean in application? It means that everything is one thing, but in a universe that operate in duality, in order to engage with wholeness, we must embrace both aspects of everything in order to be in flow.



Reception must be balanced by Action. In order to recieve, we give. I find a common imbalance to be awakening ones who are really good at staying in a place of open hearted reception without having mastered the art of deep input. They may take a weekend certification in something, open shop, charge what they feel they are worth and when it doesn’t instantly become profitable, they go on to the next thing. Limited input=Limited output.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who have challenges with receiving. They work and work, and study and show up and are always going and doing and constructing and filling up their every waking moment with more. (For most of my life, this latter energetic was where I operated. I once had a teacher who told me that most of my trouble in life was because I try too hard!)

The former pattern above is related to the inhale and the latter to the exhale. If you are mostly inhaling, eventually, there isn’t much available space for recieving left. And if you are always exhaling, receiving is forever just around the corner. The former pattern is also a feminine energetic. The latter a masculine one. Many current awakening people and healers on this planet are operating dominantly from the feminine as they find their footing in a culture that operates in the masculine. While tremendous healing can and does happen in that space, it is not healthy for most people to reside there indefinitely. (The ones that successfully do often have very masculine energies showing up karmicly, often as a partner or they are content to operate from very little expectation as to how or what manifests in their lives.)

So, one of the first things to do if you are attempting to manifest something in your life is take a look at where you are approaching from and create balance. This may mean “working” more~ creating actions in the world that pertain to the goal. Showing up and creating caring energy around what is already planted and seeing it through until the harvest instead of wandering off to something that sounds like more fun and less work. Exhale more. Completely. Suspend the breath outside of your body for a moment and feel what arises.

It may also mean backing off and doing “nothing”. How do you know if that is the right angle? From experience, if the idea of doing less in your life terrifies you, it is probably the best option. Spend more time inhaling deeply and relaxing both your schedule and your body and see what happens.

Have a beautiful deepening. May you receive in all ways.