The Ten Bodies of Light: The Number of the Soul

The Ten Bodies of Light: The Number of the Soul

40 Day Practice – March 16th to April 27th

Soul Connection. Beyond the Personality. Beyond the Veil. We will explore the Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness. Yes. You have Ten. And only one of them is physical. I will be leading a small group of yogis through an understanding and integration of each one.

In addition, we will be integrating our personalized tantric astrology so that our 40 Day Practice dissolves the density of perception between one of the five specific Tantric Numbers associated with your astrology and your experience of the world. This is an opportunity to bend our Destinies into the Path of Liberation. We will move through a 40 Day Kundalini Yoga and meditation Sequence custom designed to YOUR Tantric Astrological Pathway. Your customized Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Set will zero in on a specific astrological line of energy that is yours to work with.

While studying the Ten Bodies as the gateway of true self~understanding, we each will represent a place in the Sacred Geometry of Wholeness.

Customized Yoga Video, Weekly calls, private conversation page, guided 40 Day Meditation experience and deep transformation.

Fee: $222

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