“While we may be individually strong, we are collectively powerful.”

Rakhi Voria

If there is a true denometer of success in life, it is that those around me are thriving. In the past couple of months, in our Conscious Business Collective and Mentorship Groups, we have been investigating our purpose and values so that we can understand ourselves and our individual soul purposes. This is because when we are aligned with our purpose and our core values, our lives become much more in flow, present, and on purpose. If our daily work does not support our values, our soul purpose goes undernourished. The bumps becomes mountains and life feels heavier and uninspired. As aspects of the Oneness that is, we are given the opportunity to learn, align and flow with purpose. And when we do, even the most monumental and challenging tasks can become an act of creativity and discovery.

I realized that one of my own values is community. The more that I create space for that, nourish it and embrace it, the more whole and inspired I become. My acupuncture practice, yoga community, and family and friends are layers of one beautiful masterpiece that has created a deeper experience of purpose. Most notably, I have found a great deal of success in the success of others in my life and have begun to measure my own success by the evolution of those in my community.

This wasn’t always the case. When I was younger, I was much more competitive. (And there is nothing wrong with this life approach BTW~ but I had played it out.) As I moved from a successful solo practice in Chinese Medicine into more of a teachership and healing collective, competition and comparison no longer had a place in the same way. It didn’t spark the same flame of inspiration. Moving from competitiveness into celebration of the other was a normal progression of my spiritual path. When we realize that everything is an aspect of one Universal Truth, then we can celebrate each other’s accomplishments at the same level as our own. Or let’s take this even further. Yogi Bhajan said that yoga teachers are not on earth to collect students. We are here to make teachers, to elevate students into the next evolution of their soul. Even more so, he told us to elevate them and hold them up into an even higher space than we inhabit ourselves. The highest honor is having a student that becomes an even greater teacher than what we are capable of being. I see this and implement it purposely. It is one of my life missions. This doesn’t mean we get to slide as teachers, parents, healers, etc…It just means that seeing the one in front of you as the highest possible manifestation of that unique human vibration is another way of creating and evolving. We are all in it together.

So, the next time you experience envy at the success of someone else, let it elevate you instead. Especially if it is hard to do. And let me know how it changes your life.