Fifteen years ago. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, Y’all!

Fifteen years ago, I opened a little health food store and healing center in a small town in the High Desert. It was a compilation of dreams, hard work, and the love and support of family and friends that made it happen. The walls were put into place with the hands of those who loved me. The rent was subsidized by my mom. I bought used equipment from another store in Los Angeles that went out of business and made me one hell of a deal. We took out a second mortgage for inventory. (While I was still in graduate school for Chinese Medicine and racking up the student loans!) Our son was just born.

There was never a doubt in those fast manifesting days that it would all work out. That I would pass my Medical Boards, that I would make the loan payments. That a career as a healer and acupuncturist would define, grow and sustain me for years to come. And in a little wind-swept town, surrounded by family of all kinds, it did. I learned. I showed up. I nourished and was nourished. I absolutely felt the love and gave it right back.

And when it was time to move my family and practice several years ago, it was agonizing as much as it was elating. Natural Elements has been a huge part of my life for so long that I couldn’t nor knew how to leave completely. Once a week, for the past few years, I made the 51/2 hour commute to see patients. I worked two practices, one at SoulBody Ojai, and one in Phelan, simultaneously. And it was the right thing to do. It felt good to be in between the spaces for awhile. Both familiar and new, my life has been a splendid celebration of both places.

And now again, with a listening, it is time to let go and leave Natural Elements to sustain and give my new ventures more of my attention and to be in town for my son for his last few years at home. I will always be grateful for the time there. For you, my clients and patients. For my family. All of what Natural Elements is, was because you have allowed me to be part of your life. It was the longest goodbye I have ever managed. And until it happened, the realization manifesting, I didn’t know if I would ever leave. But the heart knows.

Most of my regulars already know, too. We are already transitioning (and having a challenging time of it.) But in case you haven’t been in for a session recently, now you know. Come see me in Ojai. I am still here. And just a little daytrip away.

Thank you, Tri-Community. I love you.