Our tele~courses are evolutionary. From any space you inhabit, you can become parth of the alchemy of a group of evolved individuals embracing the yogic pathway to bring higher consciousness, higher health, and higher experience into their lives. And so can you. Choose our 21 Day Seasonal Cleanses to transform your body temple, or select a 40 Day Journey to implement an absolutely revolutionary journey in your life. All guided by Tara and include informative Tele~conference calls that you can tune into live or recorded, private discussion page for questions and shares, yoga and meditation videos customized to your journey, and lots of support!

Seasonal Yogic/Chinese Medical Nutritional Cleanses

21 Day Cleanses designed to acclimate your body to the season. Our Cleanses are an integration of Modern Chinese Medical Wisdom and Ancient Yogic Practices and can be done from anywhere in the world. Includes private Discussion pages for real time communication and questions. 2-3 calls a week for new enlightened information, support and sharing. And all cleanses include yoga and meditation by video that support each Cleanse in a specific and targeted way. Each Cleanse is different because you are different!

21 to 40 Day Practice Tele~courses

It is said that it requires 40 Days to dissolve old habits and build new ones. In forty days, you can embrace a new way of life, heal old wounds, release past challenges, and move into the empowerment of your Truth. Adopting a 40 Day Practice will change your life. We offer several courses that can be done from home with the support and incredible geometry of Group Consciousness. Facilitated by Tara and implemented by your Soul’s Yes, we are beyond happy to hold you on your Journey. Most of the Tele~courses are offered annually.