About ADP

About ADP

The Art of the Daily Practice is a recipe. That is really all of it. It is a recipe for being Human.

Over the space of many years, I have discovered a recipe that works. For health. For peace. For successful navigation of life. I call it The Source Practice. It is a succinct combination of Kundalini Yoga, Sound (mantra), Breath (pranayama), Oneness Prayer Technology, and Meditation. It is supported nutrition that supports the evolution of what this practice brings forth. It is connection to Universal Law and its application of it in our lives. And it works. It will lift you up over the chasms of life. It will buffer the experience of extremes because it will connect you to the flow of the constant nature of Who You Are.

I have been a yoga teacher for a long time. In college, I became a Hatha Yoga instructor, and loved it! And then, ten years after becoming certified, I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga in Mexico and again during a year long training in consciousness with the Institute of Modern Wisdom. I was so enamored of the technology that I moved directly into Teacher Training. It is a soul calling. I adore the elegant, efficient and other~worldly nature of Kundalini Yoga. It has supported and evolved me like no other technology I have ever studied. It allowed me to be more conscious in every part of my life, from being a mother and wife to a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. After teaching for several years, I was asked by the Universe to bring this technology to a larger audience~ and especially to those people who were not part of an existing Kundalini Yoga community. I was requested to make it tangible and simple and purify the expression of the yoga so that even more people could experience it. And it was also to be accessible from anywhere! For anyone.

I began by offering Kundalini Yoga tele~courses. These courses introduced many people to yoga and morphed into the addition of adding a weekly class subscription option so that people could continue their practice and expand the scope of their experience on a daily practice basis. As my daily practice evolved, so did the teachings. My online classes represent the culmination of several years of study and integration. Within their content are the main components of a Daily Practice as I have experienced it to be: Asana/Kriya, Pranayam, Mantra, Meditation, and Prayer. It is supported nutritional wisdom that supports and connects us to our evolving bodies and consciousness. It is the Source Practice.

This formula works! We work with all aspects of the human journey.

Movement, Breath, Sound, Introspection, and Projection/Connection allow us to consciously shape our experience and be pure channels for the highest possible consciousness available. This shifts our lives. And when we shift ourselves, it affects everyone and everything around us! We are all One. So when we change and become more conscious, then the world does, too.

What kinds of things happen when we engage with a Daily Practice? We learn to reside in the moment. We create more space for gratitude. We open into the flow of abundance and health and clarity. We awaken. We become the living examples of the Divine here on Earth.

I am called to further anchor the Wisdom of Kundalini Yoga and Prayer Technology in creative, applicable ways so that everyone can feel comfortable with it no matter your doctrine, religion, geography, gender or physical disposition. You don’t even have to believe in God! It works, anyway! We work with Principle and Law. Reality is that the Universe is here and in flow. Why not learn to communicate with it?

The future of The Art of the Daily Practice is rather grand.

If you need a set for manifesting, it is here. Something for releasing anger? We have that, too. How about core strength. Oh, yes! There are thousands of Kundalini Yoga Kriyas. I am working on hitting the point of filming a couple hundred over the next year. I would like to locate and film them all. I also create compilations of kriyas creatively to address various state of being. And I study other worldly teacher’s interpretatons and pass them on if they work. My curiosity is endless and my desire to bring Kundalini Yoga to everyone is why I am here. When we launch into Kundalini Yoga and allow it to be a component of a bigger thing, it gifts are endless.

I have a very deep love of anchoring these technologies here in the world. For you. For me. For EVERYONE. Without the need to sit at the feet of a guru! The Source Practice is you as the guru.

My successful seasonal Cleanses and tele~courses also evolve.

I integrate the ancient healing art of Chinese Medicine and Theory into seasonal offerings that combine with the yoga in a way that supports longevity , healing and evolution for each of my students. I have been a Chinese Medical Practitioner for 12 years now, and this art also informs my yoga teaching. It has given me a unique perspective. And one that has benefited my students, my patients, and my own self. It can do the same thing for you. It can give you creative intensity, it can reveal the truest part of you, it can allow you to be a better parent, lover, and friend. It can reveal to you that you are never, ever alone. In a very real way.

Your body will change into a higher vibrational expression of itself. You will glow. You will find what works for you and you will find that what works will reveal who you are. And it is a very beautiful thing.

Try it for yourself.

I practice Chinese Medicine and teach Kundalini Yoga in Southern California. I currently teach and see clients in person in Pacific Palisades, Oxnard, and Phelan. Most of my yoga students are now all over the United States and practice with me online, right here at ADP!