I gift a lot of time to the practice of allowance. To divine expectation. To softening my liver, letting my blood flow the way the Universe would have it and I give myself the gift of forgiveness so that I can begin again and again all of the time.

Having been with the magic of this kind of practice, I can give you the marrow of it.  It is an unwinding.  And one can unwind until the cows come home.  Really.  It is a dance that leads to the next dance and the next.  Just like that video game that tracks your moves and tosses out a new more challenging rhythm to get down to as soon the last one is mastered. Can’t get the hips right?  It is just like that project at work that invites aggravation.  Step back and breathe instead of driving the energy forward.  Let your nervous system catch up.  Sleep on it.  Every dancer knows that the secret is to let go of how it looks.  Then, it will look exactly the way it is supposed to in a way that will surprise and delight as the hip slides into a new way of being.

So, what about the other side of Allowance?  The condensation of energy into a directed space is Sacred Structure.  It is focused creation.  And it is the yang to the yin of letting go.  In 3D, the structure gifts us with parameters to work with.  We learn how to do this as children.  With legos.  With dolls.  With other children.  With our family.  With a subtle smile.  With a touch.  With a spoken word or mantra.

In my life, the Daily Practice is Sacred Structure.  It creates a container in which I can birth myself and my creativity into the world.  So is my acupuncture practice. As we give birth, we employ Divine Expectation, the gift of Allowance.  Recieved in gratitude, the creation is an Act of God.

Focus the energy consicously, relax, love, and be thankful.   Rest.  Begin again.

Show up for work, focus on the creation, and then let go.  Stay within the structural container.  Freedom can only be experienced by also understanding the dynamics of boundaries. Inhale. Exhale.  Inhale. Exhale.

Quick. Slow.  Quick Quick Slow. 😉

We each have our own rhythm and gravity to work with.  So we dance like no other.

So find your shoes and get on with it, Beautiful.  Trip the light and get on down.  Spin on up and boogie on.