Having just returned from playing gong for the Gray Whales of Baja California (and some pretty cool humans, too), I am still forming words around an experience beyond explanation.
I have been on this journey before…as a journey creator and co-facilitator. So, leading it solo (as much as I know that I am never alone~) was a huge stretch for me. It wasn’t something I was “needing” to do. And yet, when the whales called me and the gongs said it was time, I did listen. And I know why, now. I originated the journey many moons ago with the Institute of Modern Wisdom and realize those trips were my birthing grounds, my growing places. When I returned, I had grown to a certain degree, and what IMW had been for me was the safe lagoon of remembering how to swim alone in a vast and powerful sea of potential. One cannot stay in a lagoon forever, though. Because I have swam with Whale Medicine most of my life (Jeremy, Mischa, and I have actually driven at different times, from the tip of Baja to Alaska, more than once because it felt right) , there would be the opportunity to take to the open ocean, test the tide and the current, and embody all of myself. Coming back to the lagoons this time represented a journey in full circle, a complete and fortuitous circuit of growth and gratitude.
I haven’t spoken publicly to my departure from my former post at the Institute, but it was a challenging time for me. And my reunion with Baja and the Gray Whales felt like coming home to my heart in a way that is not easily expressed.

And I found yet another reason I am here, on this blue sphere called Earth. I am here to bring humans and whales together through a heart link, some of which is facilitated by gong sound currents~ and this link is a Remembering of our singular soul origin. It is a heart experience that is intensely beautiful, profound, and powerful. And it is both one of the most challenging things I have done and the most sensible thing I have ever conceived in my walk as myself. It is perhaps as close to my Truth as I have ever felt. I didn’t make this up. I just discovered, embodied, and filled out a mystical blueprint. And it has forever changed me. And a few others, too.

And yes, we are going again next year, and for as long as the Whales call me to this dance. I will move the sound as a blessing to our mutual journey~ we love and desire each other in intimate connection and there is no other explanation for it. The Whales and the Ocean and the Humans and the Gong… and One Heart.

May the lightening awakening of the Soul’s Purpose ignite in each one as Love.