All kinds of things happened. Since I last wrote to you, I consolidated my High Desert Acpuncture Practice, established a schedule at White Lotus in Pacific Palisades, packed up, and moved. To the beach!

If you are asking, I cannot say in words how it all happened.  As I always try to do; I watched and I listened and the gentle pull of the Universe directed us to stir up the energy in our lives and set it down next to the ocean on a clear and sunny June day.  Signs are always placed upon the pathway of our lives…they can begin like a breeze carrying paper fortunes and sometimes they become like billboards looming large over the skyline of Destiny.  If those are ignored, they can get even more creative.  You get it right?

I have a plan.  And mostly, I am here, listening.  

There are plenty of reasons to worry.  I don’t know anyone here. The yoga community is new.  I have no acupuncture patients yet known to me. Energy Circle? Um. Not yet. And we moved quickly. Faster than I could have ever imagined. It is like my reality is still catching up!

And yet. Something interesting happened.  It feels like home here.  The palm trees and strawberry fields. The Neptunian kiss of morning cloud cover.  The large sandy expanse of beach we hike over in the afternoons, slipping up to our ankles.  The divine mixture of people…retired fire captains, district judges, immigrants, sailors, surfers, pirates….They have only been the kindest of souls on this Journey home.  Home.  I have known it my entire life and only now could possibly hold it.  Now.  Now. Now.  I am home.  

And the more I let go of what is sensible~of what is tidy~ of perfect starting dates and office hours~ the more into the Mystery I descend/ascend.  And the soft whirl of the spiral Universe sweeps me into its breath.  It is not always comfortable.  I sway between the bliss of freefall and the easy unknown and the stark uncertainty of the 3D world on a daily basis.  

Speaking to a close friend and Priestess Advisor, I mentioned trusting this process.  She voiced a magical word to me.  “Providence”.  The protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power.  I have been with the tenor of this ever since.  What is Divine Providence?  What does that feel like?  What does it look like?  

So far, it is like letting go.

I thought I knew what that was.

No… that was practice.

Just as this is Practice. My Practice.

Let Go. Let Go. Let Go.

There is always another muscle to relax.  Another perception to release. Another judgment to dissolve.  Another heart gift to give up to the One Universal Becoming that is God.

I am letting Go. In Gratitude.