This morning, while sitting at a stop light, I noticed a butterfly crossing a busy intersection. When I see such things, my body has an immediate response, probably just like yours.  Oh precious thing, fly fly!  You can make it!

Then…we decided to play, she and I. I consciously loosened my body.  I consciously deepened my breath.  I purposefully opened my heartspace and beamed a light of love and happiness all around this delicate creature.  And I remembered that Grace takes all forms~ letting go of outcome.

It seemed to last forever.  I may have even lingered on past the light change. Because that Butterfly…she tilted herself upward into the sky and swam a spiral up so high she passed by two Ravens in the air.  She went so high into the heavens she vanished from my physical sensory system (I have been gifted with much better than 20/20 vision, so this was one high flying Goddess!)

My heart alight, I cried in celebration of all of us.  Yes.  Really.  Right there in the middle Ventura almost to Trader Joe’s.

It has been both a beautiful and death defying journey lately.  In so many ways, I have been loosening my hold on my secrets and laying them out on the floor of my life like dusty Runes.  Gifted Runes.  And I know it isn’t just about me.

The course I am currently facilitating, Infinite Supply, is working me.  There is always Shadowdance involved with the deep work.  When we Remember, we also get to Truthify~ to unknow the misguided things we picked up in the process of survival.  And it is exactly these Rememberings that we come here to be with.  We came to walk in the dark places, too. And open up the old drapes and let those monsters within breathe and know that even they are Love. And are Loved.

Transformation can transmute, too.  All of me and all of you gets to come to that party.