Spring is the best promise Mother Nature makes.  From the sleeply hallows of the Winter Season, light begins to pervade and bless the decreasing shadow with expanding illumination.  The nights are still long.  The morning still crisp.  But the green is birthing itself bright and raucous and wildflowers are not far behind now.  
Can you feel yourself reaching up into the promise of the season to come?

The body truly does respond to the cycles of the seasons.  When we listen to ourselves, the bend of the energy hitting the earth affects us in ways both conscious and profound.  The creative energy of Spring is beckoning us to birth ourselves new again.  Exploration of both nature and self is the outer and inner invitation.  What leaf is that?  What is beginning to bloom within me?  How can I experience my balance through creation?  We get lighter as the light increases.  We release the energy from the root and cave and venture forth into a new year.  Shaking off the debris of our containment, the wisdom we mined from our Winter purpose becomes fertilzer for the bounty to come. 

Spring is also one of the very best seasons to enter into cleansing.  There is a special support for detoxification support of the Liver and Gallbladder.  As we enter into the expanding light, a natural process begins that we can consciously maximize.  It is the ultimate Spring Cleansing Cycle.  The Liver spends most of the year cleansing every other organ system of the body.  Now, energy expands and the Liver opens to receive its own healing.  You can support this process with green foods, spring sprouts and wild foods like dandelion and nettles, creating something new, getting gentle exercise, eating more raw and less fatty dense foods, and practicing breathwork.  If you would like assistance with this process, we offer a very in depth yet gentle Spring Attunement Cleanse that includes experienced guides, eating plan, online yoga, real time meditation and group healing, and daily recorded calls that cover everything from food to the esoteric touchstones of the season like essential oils and ritual.  
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