Offering Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Pranayam and Oneness Prayer Technology support to create a soulful way of life.

Tara-Matthews-Kundalini-Yoga-TeacherI am an avid lover of the Human Heart. We have such a beautiful job description… we are the creative space between Heaven and Earth. What is not to love?

I became a Kundalini Yogi from the exstension of my yoga experience. Hatha yoga was never quite enough for me. It often felt as if something was missing…another rung in the ladder that I was given the opportunity to discover in time. That is often how it is when we come into life, I feel. We get to move through a series of things we have known before in order to get to the next place. Kundalini Yoga is like that for me. There are still many rungs on the ladder to discover. It is overflowing with enough! When I certified as a Level One Instructor I began to teach immediately, both locally and for the Institute of Modern Wisdom. I was blessed with the opportunity to teach on Sacred Journeys in Malta and in Mexico, on the East and West Coast of the US. And I immediately began my Level 2 KRI study, which I completed in 2012. I studied with many teachers that I love very much. And I am grateful to be in mentorship with Mehtab Benton, a Kundalini Yoga teacher of high caliber and many decades of experience in the field. He is an explorer, too. And I have great respect for him.

Tara supplements Kundalini Yoga with indepth knowledge of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Nutrition and Energy Healing to bring a holistic approach to the art of a daily practice.

At the same time I studied yoga, I was also in college. At UCSB, I was a FaOB/GYN. Through a serious of fortuitous events, I was introduced to Chinese Medicine. During my last year at UCSB I concurrently enrolled in Chinese Medical School and never looked back. Its beauty, Its art, its ancient wisdom is the epitomy of excellence in medicine. It constantly inspires me! I graduated with honors, passed my boards, and moved into opening an Acupuncture Practice in California alongside my yoga practice. There is a synchronization between the two worlds of Chinese Medicine and Yoga that constantly inform each other. I see my patients and clients with two different viewpoints that I seamlessly see as one. It is a brilliant opportunity to truly help others. I see many clients in practice, and have found that the ones who are also yogis advance much faster in healing.

In 2007, I met Rev. Kate Rodger of the Institute of Modern Wisdom. I entered into training with her in 2008 as a Modern Day Priestess and have integrated the wisdom of her Consciousness Trainings into my Practice. It is my third eye. Prayer technology among other practices have further guided and empowered me to be of service in this world, both to self and others.

Today, I teach and see clients full time. I utilize all of the gifts I have been given to help others see the beauty and abundance present as their life. And it is the sweetest gift I know alongside being a mother and wife. Indeed, my son and husband are also two of my greatest teachers and support network. And my mother, Jo, a Kundalini Yogi, is a tremendous inspiration for me, too! I am very blessed with tremendous opportunity in this life and create space for that possibility in my students.

I practice Chinese Medicine and teach Kundalini Yoga in Southern California. I currently teach and see clients in person in Pacific Palisades, Oxnard, and Phelan. Most of my yoga students are now all over the United States and practice with me online, right here at ADP!