“Every element of the Universe is in a constant state of vibration manifested to us as light, sound, and energy. The human senses perceive only a fraction of the infinite range of vibration, so it is difficult to comprehend that the Word mentioned in the Bible is actually the totality of vibration which underlies and sustains all creation. A person can tune his or her own consciousness into the awareness of that totality with the use of a mantra. By vibrating in rhythm with the breath to a particular sound that is proportional to the creative sound, or sound current, one can expand one’s sensitivity to the entire spectrum of vibration. It is similar to striking a note on a stringed instrument. In other words, as you vibrate, the Universe vibrates with you.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Did you know that sound is all of that?  From the power of vibrating with powerful tools such as the gong or healing bowls, to the power of your own voice, sound is imprinting and creating the world around you.  Your world.  Quiet a few amazing and fantastic things happen when we dive into the technology of sound.  Sound creates elastic yet spherical pockets of vibrations that effect your reality.  Kundalini Yogis understand this because we utilize mantra everyday as part of our practice.  And there are mantras for EVERYTHING.  Even things you had no idea even existed.

Case in point: I began a 31 minute practice given to me by my teacher.  I chant a specific mantra for 31 minutes each day.  I had no goals or expectations around the meditation~ my practice works better for me if I intuitively recieve it.  Synchronicities abounded though.  About 30 days in and I am shedding inconsistencies, I am more comfortable with being uncomfortable, and I have located a power source within me that I remember from a very long time ago.  It is reminding me of what I truly am.  The insights are phenomenal!  Oddly or not, before this 30 day period, I always had a challenging time visualizing myself in detail…my face was often unclear when I tried to zoom in on myself from an outside perspective.  All at once a few days ago during the meditation, I suddenly saw myself in detail, walking down the street, dressed in white and very bright and beautiful.  And beholding myself this way was startling and wondrous. A part of myself came back to me.  A few other gifts were imparted with this vision as well.

Sound can shake up old patterns, heal dis-ease, and quiet the mind, too.  If you have ever experienced gong, you may have had this experience.  In fact, the gong is one of the most profound tools for sound healing because within it, all sound can be found.  You may hear drum, mantra, nature, outer space, or simply the indescribible clairty of your own self.  What comes through is exactly what is needed.  Since playing gong for the Whales and Humans, the heartbond that was formed is still healing everyone who attended the journey.  So, I know firsthand that sound is a powerful weaver and tool.

Sound can also decrease vibration.  We have all read the study about how water can form organized crystals when spoken to with positive affirmations, and how it becomes disorganized when negative vibration is sent in the same direction.  Plant studies show similiar results.  So the power of your words are always creating, destroying and resounding through time and space.  Is it too farfetched to think we may be creating ourselves with sound current?  Sat Nam.  Ong Namo Guru Dev Nam.  Wahe Guru!  (((gong)))

Give it a go.