As I write, there are plumbers in my house removing large portions of the lower floor ceiling in order to find the source of a leak. The metaphor is not lost on me.

I have placed my attention in a multitude of spaces lately.  Conscious and very quick shifts have been required and my flexibility has been tested in new and creative ways.  There are several projects birthing themselves, and my clients are gifting me with an overflow of their own processes.  I am locating a new school for my son.  We are selling our old home. I am designing a yoga teacher training curriculum.  The list continues to grow. Last night, I put myself to bed and remember thinking that there was nothing that could feel better in that moment than signing off for the night.  Right then. Right there.

And no matter my dexterity, I have moments where I realize that indeed, I get to stop and make some repairs.  I cannot force this flesh past its 3D limitations.

So, what do I do as I approach the Long Night?

We are taught in Mystical Traditions that the Winter is about going within….and I have not yet been honored with the opportunity to turn into that space in a concentrated way.  So. I take little descents into the cave.  I reserve space for my Practice, as always, yes.  Mostly, though, this time of year, when the sun falls down behind the ocean, I begin to turn within.

The pattern of this is quite natural.  I slow down…make dinner, have time with the boy(s) then wind into an hour of lone selfcare that morphs into a book in bed.  That morphs into final meditation.  That becomes the sleep of the dead.

The divine construction workers come in and do their work.  I awaken to my own.  The leaky pipe is rerouted.  New neurons are placed.  I don’t miss too many of these construction dates.  The winter is about accessing the deepest of reserves, lighting the fire of transformation, and burning off the accumulated self.  We can utilize the cave to rebirth ourselves.

How do you honor yourself in this season?

I am offering a multitude of opportunities to go deep this Winter~

Firstly, our annual Kundalini Purification begins January 5th. This is 21 Days of gentle cleansing and refitting of the entire system, physical and beyond in the depth of the cave.  Our cleanse consists of deep nutrition, nourishing yoga, and an approach that honors the Winter Season.  It is the time to rebuild the adrenal glands and reverse the aging cycle.  It is also a 21 day opportunity to engage with a meditation that will transform the stresses of the past season and build up your endocrine system for the coming year. This is potent empowerment.

Secondly, I am offering a special rate for Soul Remembering phone sessions.  If you would like assistance in transforming something old into something gold, these emotional transformation sessions can be exactly what you can lean into. I have never offered sessions at this rate before.  And it is only for this month.  Purchase in December and schedule them in the new year.  These sessions also make awesome gifts!  I have actual gift certificates available if that calls to you.

AND…of course.  There is the deepest of depths still in play, beautiful people.  Our Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training begins January 18th.  If you are called, let’s anchor that for you this moment.  The mystical train is in the station and I have your ticket.  All. Aboard.